Dieci Electric specialises in the design and production of electric panels
for the management and control of industrial electric systems.
We design solutions for any need.


For several years, the company designs and assemble electrical management and control of refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The experience has enabled it to become a reference point for many in the industry: manufacturers, installers and retailers.

To manage large installations of refrigeration and air conditioning industry is required to install electrical control panels and management with special technical requirements, designed and located with a high structural profile. Each system in fact meets specific needs making necessary to design cutting-edge solutions and customized.


Each panel is custom made.
Any request can be satisfied by designing tailored, following precise strategies assembly.
The choice of the most suitable devices ensures a highly profiled without ever compromising the quality and the overall efficiency of the plant built.


All custom-made systems can be equipped with specific software for the management and control of the system, even remotely.
Thanks to a functional and intuitive interface, a high level of control, management and efficiency of the system will always be guaranteed.


Dieci Electric is able to respond more and more effectively to the needs of the market. It is able to offer both tailor-made solutions and a complete range of standard devices capable of satisfying most of the needs of operators in the sector.


At the end of each assembly phase, a strict testing procedure is carried out by specialized technicians.


Carrying your brand on every device in the plant can be strategic in order to increase the growth of the product image and give more communicative strength to your brand. Those who want to customize the electrical panels with their own brand can have a high definition printing service of the front masks.


Dieci Electric always follows its customers: from design, assembly and testing to after-sales assistance. To ensure greater peace of mind, and at the request of the customer, a service is available to support specialized technicians for the personnel responsible for managing the plant.
There is also a 24-hour assistance service that can assist you in any difficulty.